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Grands Lacs et Fleuve St-Laurent

MV Oakglen was built in 1980. She is a maximum Seaway, Great Lakes gearless bulk carrier with a deadweight of 38,295 MT. She has seven folding hatches and seven cargo holds.

Her home port is the port of Montreal. This vessel currently operates in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway.

MV Oakglen is wholly owned and operated by CSL.

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Spécifications techniques
Classe Registered Lloyds class +100 A 1
Année de construction 1980
Puissance BHP: 11,441 | kW: 8,532
Port en lourd 38,295 tonnes
Tonnage brut 22,734 tonnes
Tonnage net 13,049 tonnes
Longueur totale 222.40 m
Largeur (hors-membrures) 23.13 m
Length B.P. (Lpp) 216.60 m
Breadth (MLD) 23.13 m
Draft (in fresh water) - Summer 9.72 m
Draft (in fresh water) - Seaway 8.80 m
Deadweight - Summer 35,067 LT | 35,630 tonnes
Deadweight - Seaway 26,081 LT | 26,500 tonnes
Number of Cargo Holds 7
Total Hold Capacity (including hatches) 46,144 cubic metres