Our Approach to Sustainability

Our Long-Term Targets

In 2018, we established our 2030 Environmental Vision to demonstrate our dedication to mitigating our environmental impact, and to align with national targets.

Since setting these goals four years ago, we recognize the need to revise and update them to ensure they remain ambitious and relevant. We aim to set science-based targets that are aspirational but achievable in the maritime industry. In 2022, we initiated strategic discussions to set the baseline for a decarbonization roadmap to 2030 and beyond.

We are currently revising our 2030 environmental vision and goals to reflect our new ambitions. We are broadening our targets to include social and governance goals, reaffirming our commitment to reducing the wider impact of our operations on communities, the environment and property.

Our 2030 Targets


  • Reduce greenhouse gases per tonne nm by 35 percent compared to 2005
  • Reduce sulphur oxides (Sox) by 95 percent
  • Eliminate ozone-depleting substances


  • Zero oil spills
  • Adopt ballast water and biofuel technologies and solutions 
  • Increase understanding of vessel noise footprints and impacts

Resource use

  • Reduce shipboard waste to landfill by 75 percent in m3/crew/operational day compared to 2010
  • Recycle 50 percent of total shipboard waste