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Jeremy Whitworth

Regional Director, Business Development

+1 514 947 6413

We complement our bulk shipping services with a versatile fleet of specialized multi-purpose product (MPP) ships that cater to the unique needs of niche markets.

Our growing fleet of MPP vessels is equipped with specialized onboard grabs and other advanced equipment, enabling us to transport a wide range of cargoes safely and reliably to and from smaller ports that require small-sized geared tonnage.

Versatile Vessels for Niche Markets

Our MPP fleet is highly versatile and capable of transporting a diverse range of cargo types, including aggregates, breakbulk cargo such as steel pipes and wind turbine blades, and containers. Our fleet is also known for its exceptional capability in transporting challenging cargo safely and reliably, such as scrap metal, direct reduced iron, and hot briquetted iron. With our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel, we can handle even the most challenging cargoes with ease, providing flexible and sustainable shipping solutions for niche markets.

Scaled to size

Ideal for operations that require small sized geared tonnage

Diverse Cargoes

Capable of transporting diverse cargoes including wind turbine blades and containers

Exceptional Handling

Exceptional capability in handling challenging cargo

Advantages and Applications

CSL’s multi-purpose product (MPP) solutions can service trades involving smaller ports and requiring smaller tonnage. They can access a wide range of ports and are designed to accommodate different draft requirements and cargo handling equipment.
Most MPP ships equipped with advanced cargo handling equipment and grab systems that allows them to handle different types of cargoes quickly and efficiently. This makes them well-suited to handle a variety of cargoes and adapt to loading/unloading requirements.
Safe and Sustainable
A strong Zero Harm mindset is instilled on board CSL’s MPP ships, which encourages proactive measures to mitigate safety and environmental risks. This includes regular safety drills, briefings, and risk assessments, which identify potential hazards and how to avoid them.
In collaboration with our customers, CSL’s ship and shore teams work closely together to plan and execute reliable, efficient and safe cargo operations on MPP ships. Our teams work 24/7 to ensure the needs of our customers are met.