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CSL’s unique assets and expertise offer effective, reliable and cost-efficient rock logistics solutions to service offshore and shoreline construction projects.

Our specialized self-unloading ships are equipped with onboard cargo-handling systems that deliver high-volume offshore and shoreline discharges with the highest technological, safety and environmental standards.

Simplifying Rock Logistics with Self-Unloading Ships

Our innovative rock installation solutions are uniquely designed to bring stability to offshore foundations and ensure safe and efficient ballasting without relying on shore equipment. The innovative use of our self-unloaders is considered one of the most efficient ways of transporting large quantities of aggregates to shoreline and offshore construction sites with minimal disruption to the environment and surrounding community. We also provide effective solutions to restore and construct shoreline infrastructure.
Sustainability is always a key priority when executing on these projects, which is why we design our vessels and develop our operating procedures to ensure the protection of marine environments and habitats.

24 hours a day

24 hours a day operation at speeds up of up to 5,000 tonnes per hour

offshore wind projects

Self-unloaders are ideally suited and cost-effective to support offshore wind projects


High-precision discharge boom pinpoints cargo placement

Advantages and Applications

Safe and Sustainable
Offshore and shoreline construction often involves operating in highly sensitive marine environments, which is why we maintain the highest standards when it comes to safety and environmental protection.
Operating 24 hours a day at speeds up of up to 5,000 tonnes per hour, our rapid discharging capabilities make CSL’s self-unloaders an effective and competitive solution for rock installation.
Equipped with a high-precision, automatic discharge boom, our self-unloading ships can pinpoint cargo placement. The discharge boom can be extended and positioned to install rock directly along the shoreline, or into a foundation spar offshore.
Self-unloaders are fitted with bow and stern thrusters, making them highly maneuverable. They can safely moor alongside an offshore structure to ensure a high-precision discharge.
The rapid discharging rate and reduced infrastructure and labour requirements of CSL’s self-unloaders make them a game-changing alternative for rock installation that helps keep costs down.