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Jakob Hansen

Senior Vice-President, Commercial and Transhipment

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CSL has a rich history of collaborating closely with customers to envision, build, and implement tailored marine shipping and handling solutions from mine to end user, that deliver outstanding performance while prioritizing safety and sustainability.

Our highly skilled technical teams work in tandem with naval design and engineering partners to deliver best-in-class bulk material handling systems for both shipboard and shoreside applications. Our team works closely with customers throughout the entire process, from pre-feasibility studies and initial concept to the final design, engineering, construction, testing, and commissioning phases.

Bespoke Solutions that Deliver Results

We understand that every project is unique, and we are committed to tailoring our services to meet our customers' operational needs and high standards for safety and environmental performance. By collaborating closely with our customers, we ensure our custom-built marine shipping and handling solutions meet their specific requirements and are optimized for their operational environment.
In collaboration with our engineering partner, EMS-Tech, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for the transportation of bulk commodities, from the mine or quarry all the way to delivery to the end customer.

Tailored design

Tailored design optimizes productivity and efficiency

Safe and Sustainable

Leading safety and sustainability features built in

Enhanced performance

Enhanced performance compared with ready-made solutions

Advantages and Applications

Our landside and marine-based cargo handling systems can handle all types of dry bulk materials.
We deliver bespoke, customized solutions that meet the volume throughput needs of our customers and exceed their quality requirements.
Our solutions are engineered and fabricated to meet our customers' long-term requirements over the course of many years.
Award Winning Design and Engineering
In 2022, the CSL’s custom-designed Nukumi, built for Windsor Salt, was named IBJ Bulk Ship of the Year and a Significant Ship of the Year by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. Our engineering partner EMS-Tech also received the 2022 IBJ Award for Best Ship Loading/Unloading System for Nukumi’s cargo handling system.