Tailor-made high volume magnetite concentrate transhipment solution

Cape Preston, Western Australia

Case study

  • We collaborated with our Australian customer to modify and convert MV Donnacona into a specialized transhipment shuttle vessel (TSV) tailored for magnetite concentrate export transhipment onto large ocean-going vessels (OGV).
  • In collaboration with our engineering partner EMS-Tech, we developed a tailor-made transhipment solution designed for seamless year-round, 24/7 operations.
  • The highly manoeuvrable TSV loads directly into the OGV using an enclosed system of loop belts and conveyors that prevents dust emissions. The vessel also operates without tugs and features superior productivity, increased capacity and reliability, minimal shore side infrastructure and limited environmental impact.
  • The specialized cargo handling and onboard shiploader enable the TSV to load cargo directly into OGV cargo holds at rates up to 4,000 tonnes per hour.