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Daniel Wilson

Vice-President, Commercial, CSL Australia

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Jakob Hansen

Senior Vice-President, Commercial and Transhipment

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CSL has an impressive track record of providing high capacity, reliable, cost effective and environmentally sound transhipment services to mining companies around the world.

Our customized transhipment systems are designed and built to meet and often surpass the highest technological, safety and environmental standards, even in the most challenging environments.

High Volume Transhipment, Anywhere and Anytime.

As raw materials become increasingly sourced from remote and environmentally sensitive locations without access to deep water ports, the need for reliable, safe, eco-responsible and efficient high-volume open-sea transhipment is on the rise. CSL’s bespoke transhipment solutions can meet this growing demand, providing customers with larger and highly maneuverable transhipment shuttle vessels (TSVs) that apply CSL’s proven gravity self-unloading technology to shallower vessels. Our TSVs offer faster cycle times and provide flexibility in transhipment operations, making them the ideal solution for offshore transhipment applications. Our recent success in executing complex transhipment projects demonstrates our operating capabilities and the inherent advantage of our gravity-based material handling technology.

Up to 10,000 Tonnes Per Hour

Bespoke cargo transfer systems handle rates between 5,000 to 10,000 MT per hour

Minimizes Environmental Impact

Optimized design minimizes environmental impact

High-Capacity and Cost-Effective

Bespoke designs provide high-capacity and cost-effective transhipment solutions

Advantages and Applications

Reduced Environmental Footprint
CSL’s transhippers are designed to minimize environmental impact. They require less or no dredging. Their fully enclosed gravity-based cargo handling system eliminates risk of fugitive material. Their optimized design minimizes noise and vibration in both air and water.
High-Volume Transhipment
Cargo transfer rates during transhipment reach up to 10,000 tonnes per hour.
With superior productivity, increased capacity, simple shore infrastructure and reliability built into the design, CSL transhippers provide high-value, cost-effective transhipment solutions
Limited Capital Expenditure
CSL’s transhipment services eliminate the need to invest in costly shoreside infrastructure and reduce the frequency of maintenance dredging, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce capital expenditures.
Flexible Solutions
CSL is capable of creating transhipment solutions for ports with draft restrictions as low as five meters, enabling offshore loading of export vessels with a maximum deadweight of 40,000.
The modular and portable design of transhippers allows for inherent scalability, and it also offers a tangible residual value once a mine reaches the end of its life.