CSL Metis

The Americas and Caribbean

MV CSL Metis is a Panamax, self-unloader with a deadweight of 69,305 MT. This vessel currently operates on the Coasts of the Americas.

MV CSL Metis is wholly owned and operated by CSL.

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Technical specifications
Classification LR + 100A1 Bulk carrier, ESP, SHIPRIGHT (SDA, FDA, CM) LI, + LMC, UMS
Year Built 1981, rebuilt with new forebody in 2007
Thrusters Bow: 1,500 kW
Deadweight 69,305 tonnes
Gross tonnage 43,002 tonnes
Net tonnage 16,103 tonnes
Length Overall 230.08 m
Breadth moulded 32.20 m
Depth (MLD) 20.20 m
Draft - Summer 13.50 m
Length of Boom 80.00 m
Total Hold Capacity (including hatches) 68,618 cubic metres
Discharge Rate - Coal 4,200 mt/hr
Discharge Rate - Gypsum 4,500 mt/hr
Discharge Rate - Iron Ore 6,000 mt/hr

CSL Metis