MV Whyalla is a Handysize, transhipper with a deadweight of 12,740 MT, designed for unloading ore into vessels up to cape size.

The vessel is highly maneuverable and fitted with a bow thruster and two Kawasaki Rexpeller Azimuth drives. This vessel currently operates on the African Coast.

MV Whyalla is co-owned by CSL and SMT Shipping as part of the Mariac joint venture.


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Technical specifications
Classification LR 100A1, *IWS, LMC, Self-unloading Bulk Cargo Carrier, LI
Year Built 1987, converted to a transhipment shuttle vessel in 2012
Thrusters Bow: 670 kW
Deadweight 12,740 tonnes
Gross tonnage 11,673 tonnes
Net tonnage 4,456 tonnes
Length Overall 141.40 m
Breadth moulded 24.00 m
Depth (MLD) 12.30 m
Draft - Summer 7.02 m
Length of Boom 50.00 m
Total Hold Capacity (including hatches) 18,158 cubic metres
Discharge Rate 4,200 (with ship loader) - 1,500 (with boom) mt/hr (maximum)