First Nations’ Blessing Ceremony of The MV RT. Hon. Paul E. Martin

Nov 24


On the occasion of her first loading at Orca Sand and Gravel in Port McNeill, B.C., the MV Rt. Hon. Paul E. Martin was blessed by the Kwakiutl and Namgis First Nations in a traditional ceremony that took place on the fore-deck of the vessel.

The Orca Quarry is a shining example of a Canadian business, Polaris Minerals Corporation, working hand in hand with local First Nations for the benefit of all. CSL Americas’ (formerly known as CSL International) vessels connect this quarry with customers in California and Hawaii, and are considered a key ingredient in the company’s success.

The Blessing Ceremony, which expressed First Nations’ traditions and cultures, was performed by Kwakiutl First Nation Hereditary Chief, Peter Knox, with the participation of six Hereditary Chiefs of the Kwakiutl and Namgis First Nations. The ceremony was attended by a small group of community members and representatives from Polaris and CSL.