Green Marine 2014 results put CSL among top performers

Jul 8


The 2014 Green Marine results are in and CSL has once again emerged as a leading performer in the rigorous environmental certification program. Green Marine performance indicators are an integral component of the CSL Group Environmental Sustainability Strategy and serve as the basis for footprint reduction targets across its international divisions. 

Canada Steamship Lines received a top Level 5 rating in four of the seven performance indicators that apply to its activities – Aquatic Invasive Species, Pollutant Air Emissions SOx and Particulate Matter, Greenhouse Gases, and Garbage Management. A Level 5 rating represents excellence and leadership in the given category. Overall, Canada Steamship Lines recorded an average Green Marine rating of 4.57 out of a possible 5.

The 2014 results also showed significant improvements at CSL Americas, which bested the results of its first Green Marine audit in 2013 with an average of 2.5.  CSL Americas earned Level 3 rankings in the Pollutant Air Emissions SOx and Particulate Matter, Pollutant Air Emissions NOx and Aquatic Invasive Species categories. A Level 3 performance rating requires significant effort on the part of a participant to measurably document environmental impacts and integrate appropriate best practices into its day-to-day operations.

CSL Australia, which joined Green Marine in 2014 as the program’s first member outside North America, obtained an overall rating of 2.16 in its first performance audit. New measures including energy performance plans, bio-fouling management plans and waste reduction initiatives will allow CSL Australia to improve its Green Marine performance next year.

CSL Europe became a Green Marine member in June 2015 and will conduct its first Green Marine audit in 2016.

Those responsible for the implementation of the Green Marine program in each division are to be commended for their efforts and enthusiasm. These results underscore CSL’s proactive leadership in the maritime industry and our ongoing commitment to protect the environment. In an effort to improve continuously, we welcome Green Marine’s plans for adding and modifying key performance indicators in the years to come.

Claude Dumais, Vice-President, Technical Operations and Environment

Green Marine received a record 94 self-evaluations in 2014 from participating shipowners, ports, terminals, shipyards and seaways. The overall average performance rating rose to 3.2 in 2014, marking the seventh consecutive year that it has improved over the previous year. Self-evaluations submitted by Green Marine participants are made public and their findings are independently verified every two years to ensure the program’s integrity.

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