Algoma Integrity

The Americas and Caribbean

MV Algoma Integrity is a self-unloading 46,293 DWT bulk carrier with four cargo holds, strengthened for heavy cargoes, loaded through eight hatches. The discharge is gravity fed through the gate system via two longitudinal conveyor belts feeding to a central C-Loop that lifts the cargo onto the telescopic boom conveyor and ashore.

Discharge rate is variable to the maximum of 3,000 metric tonnes and 2,500 cubic metres per hour for volumetric cargoes. Using the flexible boom and precise control of the discharge rate makes the vessel suitable for discharge to almost any receiving facility including enclosed hoppers, barges and trucks.

The vessel is double hulled, including bunker tanks, and utilizes a bow thruster and high-lift rudder to give excellent handling characteristics. This vessel currently operates on the Coasts of the Americas.

MV Algoma Integrityis wholly owned by Algoma Central Corporation and commercially managed by CSL as part of the CSL International Pool.

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Technical specifications
Year Built 2009
Thrusters Bow: 1,125 kW
Deadweight 46,293 tonnes
Gross tonnage 33,047 tonnes
Net tonnage 11,140 tonnes
Length Overall 197.10 m
Breadth moulded 32.20 m
Depth (MLD) 17.75 m
Draft 11.52 m
Length of Boom 76.50 m
Length of Boom (outreach) 60.40 m
Number of Cargo Holds | Hatches 4 | 8
Discharge Rate - Ore 3,000 mt/hr
Discharge Rate - Coal, Gypsum, Aggregates 2,500 mt/hr

Algoma Integrity