CSL Niagara

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway

MV CSL Niagara is one of Canada Steamship Lines’ self-unloading Lakers. She was built in 1972 and converted in 1998.

She is a very versatile vessel. She can do various trades, from ore to grain or stone. The equipment onc board consists of hoppered shaped holds, hydraulic cargo gates, two tunnel conveyors, a ‘C’ Loop elevating belt and a 79.00 m unloading boom.

The unloading and ballast systems are automated through a network. Environmental equipment includes containment trays under the boom conveyor and washdown water is contained in a dedicated tank. The cargo tunnel is fitted with high capacity ventilators and is also fitted with explosion proof electrical fittings.

MV CSL Niagara is wholly owned and operated by CSL.

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Technical specifications
Classification Registered Lloyds Class + 100 A1
Year Built 1972, converted in 1998
Horsepower BHP: 8,046 | kW: 6,000
Deadweight 34,938 tonnes
Gross tonnage 23,983 tonnes
Net tonnage 7,916 tonnes
Length Overall 225.50 m
Breadth moulded 23.76 m
Length B.P. (Lpp) 222.60 m
Depth (MLD) 14.75 m
Draft (in fresh water) - Midsummer 9.556 m
Draft (in fresh water) - Seaway 8.08 m
Deadweight - Midsummer 37,696 LT | 38,299 tonnes
Deadweight - Seaway 30,223 LT | 30,708 tonnes
Length of Boom 79.00 m
Number of Cargo Holds 5
Total Hold Capacity (including hatches) 40,207 cubic metres
Discharge Rate - Coal 4,000 mt/hr
Discharge Rate - Ore 5,500 mt/hr

CSL Niagara