Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway

MV Frontenac was built by Davie Shipbuilding in Lauzon, Quebec, Canada as a straight deck bulk carrier in 1968, and converted to a self-unloader at Collingwood Shipyards in 1973. It is a maximum size Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Seaway size self-unloader and is fitted with a bow thruster and a variable pitch propeller with conventional rudder.

The equipment on board MV Frontenac consists of hopper type cargo holds which feed material through a series of hydraulically operated cargo gates. The material is then fed onto two continuous loop belt conveyors that run the length of the vessel and elevate the cargo to the main deck and onto the vessel’s stern unloading boom of 76.84 m in length.

This vessel is also fitted with an environmental containment and recovery system (ECARS) that significantly reduces the amount of dust and other particles during unloading.

MV Frontenac is wholly owned and operated by CSL.

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Technical specifications
Classification Registered Lloyds Class + 100 A1
Year Built 1968, converted in 1973
Horsepower BHP: 9,600 | kW: 7,159
Deadweight 26,365 tonnes
Gross tonnage 17,808 tonnes
Net tonnage 13,496 tonnes
Length Overall 222.50 m
Breadth moulded 22.86 m
Depth (MLD) 12.09 m
Draft (in fresh water) - Midsummer 8.44 m
Draft (in fresh water) - Seaway 8.08 m
Deadweight - Midsummer 26,950 LT | 27,381 tonnes
Deadweight - Seaway 25,197 LT | 25,600 tonnes
Length of Boom 76.84 m
Number of Cargo Holds 6
Total Hold Capacity (including hatches) 24,539 cubic meters
Discharge Rate - Coal 3,000 mt/hr
Discharge Rate - Ore 5,500 mt/hr