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Australia and Asia

MV Wyuna is a cement carrier with a deadweight of 26,999 MT designed for pneumatic and mechanical loading and unloading. This vessel carries cement and fly ash and currently operates on the Australian Coast.

MV Wyuna is wholly owned and operated by CSL.

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Technical specifications
Classification ABS ✠A1, E, ✠AMS, ✠ACCU, UWILD, RW, BWT with description 'Cement Carrier'
Year Built 2010, converted to a cement carrier in 2019
Thrusters 1,300 kW
Deadweight 26,999 tonnes
Gross tonnage 17,876 tonnes
Net tonnage 7,283 tonnes
Length Overall 169.37 m
Breadth moulded 27.20 m
Depth (MLD) 13.60 m
Draft 9.819 m
Total Hold Capacity (including hatches) 26,775 cubic metres
Discharge Rate 1,200 mt/hr (maximum)