COVID-19 – Message from CSL

Mar 20


CSL and the marine industry at large are now sailing in uncharted waters as the entire world faces a truly unprecedented time in our history. 

Above all else, the health and safety of our crews, employees and communities are our main priorities and we are taking all necessary precautions to protect and support them.

In line with the guidance and regulations of local, national and global health authorities and governments, CSL has developed and activated a comprehensive contingency plan to protect people and ensure the continuity of our services to our customers.

The plan includes restricted access to ships to essential people only, pre-boarding screening procedures for crew members and anyone boarding a vessel, and strict hygiene and social distancing protocols on board all ships. A work-from-home policy has also been implemented in CSL offices.

As the situation continues to change, we will adjust our plan to ensure it is aligned to the level of threat to our crews and level of impact to our operations.

We are extremely grateful to the seafarers and employees who are working around the clock to respond and adapt to the evolving situation and ensure the normal continuity of our services to our customers.

In the difficult economic climate created by the pandemic, more than ever, our customers as well as national and global economies depend on our critical services.

The shipping sector is considered an economic priority service and, so far, governments are doing everything they can to ensure the services we provide are not disrupted. However, delays at the border and with supply services are to be expected. 

We are working closely with sector associations and governments to put in place best practices and keep disruptions to a minimum. 

Through careful planning and our cautious business strategy, and thanks to our dedicated and resourceful crews and employees, I am confident CSL will meet the COVID-19 challenge with vigilance and resilience.

We urge everyone to be cautious and stay safe.

Louis Martel
President and CEO