CSL Contributes to Ocean Literacy Initiative

Feb 1


On February 1st, 2013, CSL Americas (formerly known as CSL International) invited Susan Yochelson and Barbara Warren, of Salem Sound Coastwatch, to create a closer bond between the two organizations.

SSCW is a non-profit coastal watershed protection organization and has been working for 22 years to improve the environmental quality of the coastal Salem Sound and its surrounding region. CSL’s Beverly office, located only a few miles from Salem Sound, has for many years partnered with SSCW for an annual beach clean-up.

During the meeting, the CSL Americas Donations Committee was honoured to present the SSCW with a financial contribution, which combined with government grants, will enable Coastwatch to hire a marine environmental educator to develop and lead the Ocean Literacy Program.

Developing stewardship and ocean literacy is a priority for CSL Americas and SSCW. The Ocean Literacy initiative will increase environmental responsibility, as well as coastal and ocean-science awareness, by engaging youth, including underprivileged and underrepresented teens. SSCW will work with schools and youth groups in the area to educate and engage our youngest citizens in managing invasive plants, sampling and comparing water quality over time, identifying coastal animals and their migratory patterns and recognizing marine species and their habitat.

Since today’s youth are the environmental stewards of tomorrow, CSL believes this is a valuable investment and is a proud sponsor of this initiative.