CSL is On board with Gender Equality and Diversity on Day of the Seafarer – NEW VIDEO!

Jun 25


June 25th is International Day of the Seafarer – a day to pay tribute and say thank you to our vessel crews for their hard work, courage and important contribution to our company and to the world economy.

Chosen by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), this year’s theme “I am On Board with Gender Equality” underscores the important contribution of women in the maritime industry.

At CSL, we strongly believe in gender and cultural diversity and aim to increase the presence of women on board our ships. 

Diverse groups of people bring a greater variety of experiences and perspectives, which in turn lead to increased creativity and productivity, better decision-making and a balanced life on board.

On this Day of the Seafarer, we thank our hardworking and dedicated crew members, and we stand in solidarity for gender and cultural diversity in seafaring.

We invite you to watch our video tribute featuring CSL’s very own seafarers from around the world.

Created in 2010 by the International Maritime Organization, International Day of the Seafarer is also recognized by the United Nations as an official observance day.