CSL Named One of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People in 2022

Jan 18


CSL’s commitment to provide a dynamic, diverse and rewarding workplace for young people has been recognized by the organizers of Canada’s Top Employers, who have selected CSL as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People in 2022.

Our philosophy has always been, invest in CSL, and CSL will invest in you. We offer young people the opportunity to make a big impact in our organization, by working on exciting, innovative projects that have global reach.

Stéphanie Aubourg, Chief Human Resources Officer

CSL is particularly honoured to receive this award after two years of challenging operations delivering essential cargos during the global pandemic.

Mindful of the difficulties students and recent graduates have encountered in launching their careers during COVID-19, CSL continued to offer interesting opportunities and flexible work arrangements for those who sought internships or took advantage of on-going training opportunities.

We make sure the young people we welcome into our fast-paced, challenging ship and shore environments undergo stringent training and are supported by mentors, so they always feel safe and part of the team. We not only challenge them, we also reward their hard work and creativity. We give them exciting opportunities to grow, develop, and work around the world, while staying connected to our entire team.

Stéphanie Aubourg, Chief Human Resources Officer

CSL offers paid internships, summer jobs and co-op opportunities on shore, as well as a cadet and sponsorship program at sea for aspiring mariners.

Once hired, CSL is committed to lifelong learning. Each office employee can participate in an individual development plan, has access to online learning, training and development, tuition reimbursement, and paid learning hours. The shore-based Rising Leaders program challenges young employees to solve current business scenarios, and a development program has been designed to move young people more quickly into leadership positions.

The young people we hire and promote every year are vital for CSL’s continued growth. We value them and are proud of their contributions, so we’re thrilled that this award recognizes our efforts to make CSL a company young people want to join.

Louis Martel, CSL’s President and CEO

Canada’s Top Employers for Young People recognizes employers that offer the nation’s best workplaces and programs for young people. Evaluation criteria include attraction and retention programs, mentorship and training programs and career management programs.