CSL Transhipment Launches First Ever Operations in Africa

Jan 19


CSL’s global reach was extended even further with the arrival of the CSL Atlas in Buchanan, Liberia on December 17th, 2012. It is CSL’s first ever foray into West Africa and the company now officially operates on every continent except for Antarctica. The CSL Atlas’s first order of business will be a three-year contract transhipping iron ore for ArcelorMittal Liberia.

Launching the Liberia operation presented distinctly different challenges from CSL’s traditional trading geographies, beginning with the need to gain an understanding and appreciation of the local culture, language and way of life. As such, it required an impressive team effort from people throughout the organization, all working together towards a common goal.

To ensure the launch was a success, dedicated team members from CSL’s Singapore-based transhipment division worked closely with Nathalie Sykora’s technical group at CSL Americas and the V.Ships office in Beverly, Massachusetts. Additionally, CSL transhipment professionals including Lee Winterborn, Manager of Transhipment (Whyalla) and Jérôme Foisy, Manager of Transhipment (Sept-Iles), both contributed their extensive first-hand expertise and practical know-how.

On site in Buchanan, Captain Scott Clegg, Director of Marketing at CSL Asia, was instrumental in helping to set up the operation and addressing some of the more unconventional issues that the Liberia project presented. Overcoming new and unexpected challenges is a familiar role for Scott, who only recently moved from the Operations team in Beverly to the CSL Asia office in Singapore in 2011.

In explaining the project’s quick turnaround and ultimate success, Scott highlighted the team spirit that continually drove things forward. “Through a solid team effort, we now have a dedicated transhipment team in Buchanan and we are fortunate to be partnered up with our customer, ArcelorMittal. In a short period of time, we have formed a great working relationship and it’s a pleasure working with professionals that share a common goal.”

With Scott now back in Singapore, Lennart Broberg, CSL’s new Manager of Transhipment-Liberia, has assumed the role of overseeing the Buchanan operation. Lennart will be working with Captain Denys Symonov, Chief Engineer Oleksiy Volvyenkov and the entire crew of the CSL Atlas, who all continue to play a critical role in this important project.