CSL’s 2012 Environmental Report Highlights Need for Continued Progress on Sustainability

Aug 26


The CSL Group’s recently released 2012 Environmental Report underscores the importance of leading meaningful change – through innovation, collaboration and calculated risk-taking – to significantly reduce the shipping industry’s environmental footprint.

In 2012, we pushed our company to invest in new ideas, explore new partnerships and experiment in new technologies. For progressive companies like CSL, environmental challenges present opportunities to improve our operations, contribute to a cleaner, greener world, and invest in the future. While we are encouraged by steady improvements in our environmental performance, we remain mindful that in our quest to safeguard our water, air and shoreline, our work is never finished. We must work in collaboration with industry partners, governments and NGOs to develop sound policy and solutions to reduce our environmental impact and curtail emissions

David Martin, Chair of the CSL’s Sustainability Committee

In addition to reporting on key performance indicators, measures and goals, CSL’s 2012 Environmental Report highlights a number of initiatives undertaken by CSL to curb its greenhouse gas emissions, reduce its impact on biodiversity, improve fleet efficiency and invest in green technologies. These include:

  • The delivery of CSL’s Trillium Class vessels, which feature the most advanced environmentally-sustainable technology available today.
  • The implementation of a series of operational measures to improve the energy efficiency of CSL’s global fleet using trim optimization, variable frequency drives and shaft generators.
  • Shipboard trials of advanced filtration systems that have resulted in encouraging results in mitigating the risks to biodiversity of invasive species.
  • Testimony before the U.S. Congressional House Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation in which CSL recommends sound alternatives to the proposed Emission Control Area (ECA) legislation.

Printed copies of the report are available upon request.