MV Thunder Bay Crew Assists in Rescue Operation on Lake Ontario

Jul 17


At approximately 0200 on July 15, Captain David Ingram of MVThunder Bay reported a distress call made as he departed the Port of Hamilton. Three individuals on a small inflatable floating object were drifting within the port limits. 

Captain Ingram flashed the deck lights and located the floating object and the individuals and immediately requested that the rescue boat be lowered to retrieve the adrift individuals.

The local police authorities, who had also arrived at the scene, managed to safely rescue the individuals. Throughout the 30-minute rescue operation, MV Thunder Bay remained on site to assist with lighting.

I commend the deck crew of MV Thunder Bay for acting swiftly and professionally in this very unusual rescue effort!

Louis Martel, President and CEO

According to local news reports, the incident was the result of a “nighttime pool float adventure gone wrong” involving an inflatable pink flamingo.