The CSL Tecumseh, Second Trillium Class Panamax Vessel, Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage

May 7


CSL’s second of three Trillium Class self-unloading Panamax vessels, the CSL Tecumseh, set sail today on her maiden voyage from Chengxi Shipyard in Jiangyin, China to Port McNeill, British Columbia.

The vessel will be commanded by Captain Sergii Luchakov and Chief Engineer Igor Pleshko, and is expected to take approximately 17 days to complete her voyage.

Delivered to CSL on May 2, 2013, the CSL Tecumseh will be deployed for service immediately upon arrival. She will proceed straight to Port McNeill, British Columbia to load a cargo of aggregates for discharge in the San Francisco area.

Click here to view a real-time map tracking the CSL Tecumseh’s maiden voyage.

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