WATCH NEW VIDEO: Aggregate Loading and Discharge Operation – MV CSL Tecumseh – Port McNeil B.C. to San Francisco, CA

Dec 7


In this video, MV CSL Tecumseh, a Trillium Class, 71,405 DWT Panamax self-unloader, loads aggregates in a remote area near Port McNeil, British Columbia, and discharges three ways in the San Francisco bay area in California.

During the first discharge, the vessel lighters cargo onto a barge in San Francisco Bay. The ship then sails to the Port of Richmond where a second discharge takes place into an enclosed hopper. For the final discharge into an open hopper in the Port of Redwood City, a chute is installed on the vessel’s boom to eliminate dust.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art bow and stern thrusters, CSL Tecumseh maneuvers with ease into loading and discharge locations, saving time and transportation costs. The vessel’s custom hull design and remotely controlled self-unloading system increases the efficiency and accuracy of the discharge.

CSL’s self-unloaders offer exceptional value, speed, versatility and efficiency, resulting in reduced shore infrastructure and labour requirements, and minimum environmental impact.