CSL Aims for Zero Harm with SafePartners

Jun 7


SafePartners – It’s the way we do things at CSL.

Since it was launched in 2012, CSL’s homegrown SafePartners Program has helped to dramatically improve our safety results and create a safety culture built on prevention, training, mutual trust and committed leadership.

Building on this success, CSL has broadened the scope of SafePartners and placed it at the core of how we operate and measure our performance.

The new SafePartners program aims to achieve Zero Harm by continuously improving and promoting a healthy and safe working environment for all, protecting the environment in which we operate, and ensuring the safety of our ships, the ports we visit and the communities we interact with.

All CSL employees, both ship- and shore-side, are now guided by the SafePartners priorities and rules under three pillars: Safety of people, Safety of planet and Safety of property.

As we begin this new chapter of SafePartners at CSL, we invite you to watch our video, which encompasses the values and philosophy of the program.