CSL Celebrates Vessel Crews on International Day of the Seafarer

Jun 23


On Sunday, June 25, CSL and the global shipping industry will pay tribute to the hard work, courage and important economic contribution of vessel crews as we celebrate International Day of the Seafarer. 

Created in 2010 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and recognized by the United Nations as an official observance day, International Day of the Seafarer celebrates the frontline men and women of our industry. This year, the IMO has chosen the theme “Seafarers matter” to underscore the indispensable role of seafarers around the world.

To show how much seafarers matter to them, CSL office employees have written personal messages of gratitude to the exceptional men and women of our fleet, which you will find further below.

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To seafarers everywhere in the world, thank you!

CSL is an international shipping company with vessels operating all around the world. Our office employees throughout our global regions should remember that the hard work of our seafarers is the foundation of our success and the very reason we all have a job. I am very proud of the dedicated men and women who sail on our ships, and it is a great honour to pay tribute to them today and every day.

Louis Martel, President and CEO of The CSL Group

I admire the professionalism of CSL crew members who operate sophisticated vessels safely week after week.  Your commitment and dedication is a strength for CSL, and a big reason we have been successful for so many years.

Allister Paterson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

I have often heard that a career at sea can be one of the most satisfying careers you can ever have: the camaraderie, the daily challenges, and the excitement of being at sea make it one of a kind.  But I also understand that it can be one of the most challenging: being away from home, family and friends, the challenging conditions of vessel operations and the daily demands of the job can make it difficult.  To the many, many, CSL seafarers, and to seafarers worldwide – thank you.  The world owes you so much for bringing food to our tables, keeping our economies humming and making the world a better and safer place by playing the key role in the world’s most reliable, clean and safe modes of transportation.  Happy International Day of the Seafarer.

John Sypnowich, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

On this special day, just a quick word to say thank you to all of you working on board our CSL vessels.  Every day you are working hard to give that good service to our customers in such a professional way that makes us successful as CSL Group.  Understanding being on the front-line is never an easy thing and requires constant effort, once again, good work to everyone!

Frédéric Jauvin, Vice-President, Global Technical Services

I admire the work our crews do around the world. Day in and day out you safely get the job done and prove to our customers why we’re their best option. All we can do it talk well and try to sell from our desks, the crews execute. Every time I walk off one of our ship’s I’m proud of the crew, the ship and to be a CSLer. Everyone has their own reasons for going to sea, I respect it and very much appreciate all your work. Keep doing what you’re doing and finding innovative and safe ways to help us all accomplish our goals.

Jonathan White, Senior Manager, Transportation

Thank you to all the crew members working hard onboard CSL vessels. Being away from family and friends for long periods is not easy and CSL would not be where it is today without their dedication to doing the job. Despite the countless challenges in the life of a seafarer, all of the crew members I have had the privilege to meet on vessel visits always have a smile and are proud to be a CSLer. Keep on staying safe and doing your best, we appreciate it!

Andrew Lennox, Manager, Technical Operations

Thank you to all crew members on board CSL vessels worldwide. Serving on the frontline, it is your top quality customer service, assertiveness, determination, and sacrifices that have played an integral part in allowing CSL to establish and continue to maintain itself place as a dominant provider in the maritime industry. Thank you for all your hard work, stay safe and smooth sailing!

Bryan Taylor, Sr. Vessel Operator

Dear CSL Seafarers, today I want to celebrate you and thank you all for your invaluable contribution to CSL’s success! It’s because of you we have satisfied customers, it’s because of you we have jobs ashore. We only celebrate this day once a year, but we appreciate your hard work and commitment every day.

Maria Yeleseva, Project Accountant

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to keep the vessels moving and serve the CSL customers. Happy and safe International Day of the Seafarer to all of you around the world!

Ryo Sugitani, Senior Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis

We (the payroll department) would like to thank all of you for your dedication and hard work when you are on board and at home. Stay safe!

Lori Mancini, Payroll Supervisor

Thank-you for your dedication and hard work!

Maria Attardo, Receptionist

The salt, the smell the intoxicating allure of the sea captures so many of our brave.

As they ride the oceans vast, far from the safe havens of home, these brave few are driven by something more.

The love of the water, the power of the sea its calming effect and its powerful strength.

To all those seafarers on our seven seas, God bless and God speed. May you see calm waters soon.

Richard Irvine, Safety Manager

You facilitate our job in treasury: when talking to banks about how CSL’s impeccable reputation is due to the great job you do every day. Thank you for that!

Yajaira Collante, Senior Manager Treasury

Visiting our ships and meeting the hardworking crew members who operate them with skill and passion is one of the highlights of working for CSL. You are at the very heart of everything we do, and your professionalism and commitment are inspiring. Thank you! You make us very proud!

Brigitte Hébert, Communications Director

As vital as the Marine industry is to the world and its people, equally important is the work of the brave and courageous seafarers who perform one of the toughest jobs by running those massive ships through the roughest rivers/seas and in various critical situations. If it hadn’t been for them, the cargo transportation trade would come to a standstill.

Below are some of the most important reasons (among million others), for which, each and every seafarer needs to be thanked from the greatest depth our hearts.

1. Seafarers Sacrifice their Social Life

2. Seafarers Fight the Toughest Seas/Rivers and Roughest Weather

3. Seafarers Follow Toughest Regulations and Laws

4. Seafarers Work Round the Clock With Monotonous  outines

Nimroj Maknojiya, Project Engineer

As I sit at my desk in front of my computer, I am humbly reminded that I owe it to you all who sail in challenging weather conditions, away from home, family and friends.  Please accept the expression of my gratitude and wishes for safe voyages.

Manon Perreault, Assistant to the President and CEO

Some days are hard, some days are great, but mostly in the shadow of our missing ones. Cheers to all sailors around the world.

Jean-Frederic Lavoie, Project specialist, Global Technical Services

Thank you for all the hard work you all put in year after year. Through these tough times, your contribution and personal sacrifice are always greatly appreciated.

Yousef El Bagoury, Naval Architect

Thank you for your dedication and hard work

Emilie Constantineau, Human Resources Business Partner

Thank you to all the hard-working men and women aboard our CSL vessels. You are among the best seafarers in the industry and we are lucky to have you on our ships. I am truly impressed on a daily basis by how well all of our crew members safely and efficiently operate our ships and successfully complete voyages despite the many challenges and sacrifices. Again, thank you and smooth sailing in the future for years to come.

Mubarak Hassan, Director, Finance

I do not know what your daily life looks like but I do want to wish you all the best in life, health and safe trips. Thank you.

Lydia Lodin, Assistant to Executive VP & Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Financial Officer

I truly thank our seafarers for their hard work and dedication to their amazing work.  I also thank them for the sacrifices they endure being away from families while working aboard ships to keep CSL the world’s largest owner and operator of self-unloading vessels.

Hassane Moussaoui, Network Analyst IT