WATCH: CSL Transhipment Operation in Sept-Iles, Quebec

Feb 1


The first inbound dry cargo transhipment from a CSL Panamax self-unloader to a CSL self-unloading Laker was performed this past September in Sept-Iles, Québec.

Carrying a 56,500 mt split cargo of anhydrite and gypsum loaded in Spain, MV CSL Metis sailed to the bay of Sept-Iles where the Great lakes-bound cargo was transferred to MV Thunder Bay (shown in video), and MV Whitefish Bay.

The transhipment operation, which opens up the availability of international raw materials to Great Lakes customers, was the first such a collaboration between CSL’s Americas and Canadian fleets.

CSL provides high-capacity, reliable, safe and environmentally sound transhipment services to customers around the world.